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Tenerife is the largest of all the Canary Islands. Administratively, it belongs to Spain, but thanks to its location in the Atlantic Ocean near the shores of Western Sahara it is a dream destination all year round.

The main attractions of Tenerife

Tenerife is not only a great place to relax, but above all an island where we can find a lot of things to explore. On most postcards from Tenerife we ​​will see the famous Las Teresitas beach located in the north of the island, near the capital Santa Cruz. It is the only beach with light sand. It was artificially built up, and the sand used for this purpose was imported from the Sahara. The place is the pride of locals. For years, they have envied the inhabitants of neighboring Gran Canaria numerous bright beaches. They currently have theirs. About 4 million bags of sand were used to build it.

Another famous attraction of Tenerife is the El Teide volcano. It is also the highest mountain in Spain with a height of 3 718 m a.s.l. It is to him that the island owes its specific climate, cooler and wetter in the north and dry and hot in the south. The summit can be reached by a cable car, which reaches a height of 3555 m a.s.l. The remaining 150 m should be covered on foot. However, this option is not available to everyone. If we want to reach the Teide summit, we will need a special permit, which should be applied to the national park. It is also good to book the queue ticket in advance, because, especially in the high season, tickets are sold out much more in advance.

Remaining in the mountain climate, we recommend visiting the small mountain town of Masca, located in the south of the island. This town is currently inhabited only by a small handful of people. However, every day a lot of tourists visit it. Due to the location among the mountains and a very narrow and winding road that leads to it, we can reach Masca only by a small bus. Some trips come here only for a short while to enjoy coffee in a local restaurant with a beautiful view. However, if you have a little more time and good shoes, we recommend trekking down the gorge. The difficulties of walking for several hours compensate for the purpose of the trip. At the end, there is a beautiful beach waiting for us, from which you can return to civilization by small boats, sailing along the cliffs of Los Gigantes. It is from the ocean’s perspective that they can be seen most beautifully.

Cities and towns of Tenerife

Tenerife is also unique in this respect. Other Canary Islands are not famous for their beautiful towns. Driving in Tenerife, it’s good to make your own must see list, because during the week’s vacation you can’t visit all the charming towns. Most tourists first choose La Laguna in the north. This is the quintessential Canarian style. And although La Laguna is said to be shining even on the whole island, it always rains here, the beautiful old town with numerous monuments compensates for any inconvenience. Another interesting city is Puerto del a Cruz. It is worth coming here not only because of the historic old town, but also the famous garden, in which we will see plants and animals from around the world, Loro Park.

If we still have some time, it is worth visiting several smaller towns. The most popular are Candelaria, Icod Los Vinos or Garanchico. The first of them is famous for the basilica located by the ocean, in the vicinity of which there are monuments to nine Gaunchów. They were the last former rulers of the island. It is worth coming here at sunset, when the huge figures make a really impressive impression. Icod de Los Vinos also can not be overlooked. If we have only a short moment to visit this town, it is worth stopping here to see the famous Dragon Tree. This species is endemic to the Canaries in the greatest form here. This is not an ordinary tree, but a huge centuries-old specimen. Its weight is estimated at about 100 tons and the trunk diameter is about 6 meters. The crown of the tree is also impressive. It owes its name to the resin, which has a unique deep red color.

Tenerife holidays

When we want to relax a bit after the hardships of exploring the island, it is best to go to the southern tip of Tenerife. It has a hot, dry climate and the temperature rarely falls below 25 degrees throughout the year. People who like to enjoy the charms of a large resort should choose a hotel in Costa Adeje or Los Cristianos. There are not only beautiful beaches, but also numerous clubs, discos and restaurants. Siam Park is also located in Costa Adeje. One of the largest water parks in Europe, famous for, among others, the highest slide. The impressions are amazing.

For those who prefer to relax in a more intimate atmosphere, we recommend the small Puerto del Rosario. This is a charming town with local restaurants and shops. It offers a magnificent view of the cliffs of Los Gigantes. Puerto del Rosario is also famous for the black, volcanic beach of Playa La Arena. Its sand is soft as flour, and its color contrasts wonderfully with the color of the cliffs and the ocean.

As you can see everyone in Tenerife will find a way to spend your dream vacation.

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  • Admire the Island and let us take care of your trip!
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La Laguna/ Garachico/ Masca

La Laguna


 local market with the possibility of buying tropical fruit and spices and the old town of San Cristobal, then a drive to the botanical garden from XVII in Jardin Botanico de Aclimatcion de La Orotava (Access to the garden at EUR 2.00).


a town destroyed by a volcano in 1706. Scheduled meal break nearby in beautiful restaurants and the opportunity to visit individual cities (cost of a meal on your own).



picturesque gorge with hidden contents of cliffs Los Gigantes.

TRANSFER – pick up from NORTH

Adults € 49 
Children 0-12 years old € 44          


Booking Code TEN01

TRANSFER – pick up from SOUTH

Adults € 44 
Children 0-12 years old € 39          


Booking Code TEN02

Volcano Teide / National Park / The cliffs of Los Gigantes

Volcano Teide

Volcano Teide to the Canadas del Teide National Park – a great opportunity to see the beautiful pumice fields. At the same time, an opportunity to stop and take souvenir photos at the most powerful Canary Pine (coffee break, meal and toilet at Teide).


The trip does not include entry to the Teide peak and a cable car ride.

Los Gigantes Cliffs

Los Gigantes Cliffs – a viewpoint overlooking at the cliffs. Take beautiful souvenir photos and enjoy the wonderful view of the cliffs.

TRANSFER – pick up from NORTH

Adults € 47 
Children 0-12 years old € 42               


Booking Code TEN03

TRANSFER – pick up from SOUTH

Adults € 44 
Children 0-12 years old € 39        


Booking Code TEN04


Admire the fifth largest lava cave in the world. An interesting network of mysterious labyrinths, today the tunnel is estimated to be around 18 km.

The whole complex consists of three levels of caves, which is a phenomenon on a global scale.

There is no other lava cave that would have so many floors. An additional advantage of it’s uniqueness is;

Fractures of lava or terraced rock poles along which hot liquid once flowed.

After a cave expedition, you can enjoy a meal at nearby restaurants, the price of the meal is not included in the price of transport.

More information :

  • Obligatory closed sports shoes and walking / hiking shoes, long pants and sweater (14ºC, 80% humidity).
  • For safety and comfort reasons, bags or backpacks are not allowed, we do not have a locker in the visitor center.
  • If you feel tired, please inform your guide immediately.
  • Duration: 2.30 hours
  • Difficulty: medium.
  • Children must be at least 5 years old. Also, people who have claustrophobic and knees and ankles problems have to consider entering.

Ticket price to the Cave

Adults €20
Children 5-12 years old €8,5 


TRANSFER – pick up from NORTH

Adults € 55 
Children 5-12 years old € 48       

(In the price of transport pick up / drop-off from / to the hotel, drop-off to the place and waiting time of about 3 hours)

Booking Code TEN05

Ticket price to the Cave

Adults €20
Children 5-12 years old €8,5 


TRANSFER – pick up from SOUTH

Adults € 55 
Children 5-12 years old € 48     

(In the price of transport pick up / drop-off from / to the hotel, drop-off to the place and waiting time of about 3 hours)

Booking Code TEN06


La Laguna

A local market with the possibility of buying tropical fruit and spices and the opportunity to admire the old town of San Cristobal.

The Mariposario Del Drago Butterfly

Admire the beautiful world of 150 butterflies of different species. An interesting biological cycle, see how they leave the pupa and spread their wings.

Ticket price to the Butterfly House

Adults €8,5
Children 2-12 years old €5,0


TRANSFER – pick up from NORTH

Adults € 39 
Children 2-12 years old € 35        


Booking Code TEN07

Ticket price to the Butterfly House

Adults €8,5
Children 2-12 years old €5,0


TRANSFER – pick up from SOUTH

Adults € 42 
Children 2-12 years old € 38      


Booking Code TEN08


The Anaga Mountains SAN ANDREAS. Playa de Las Teresitas is a beautiful beach that is worth seeing. Palm trees grow on it, and the beach is strewn with yellow sand, brought specially from the Sahara, followed by winding mountain roads and a beautiful landscape of mountains and ocean at the same time.

TRANSFER – pick up from NORTH

Adults € 55 
Children 0-12 years old € 50            


Booking Code TEN09

TRANSFER – pick up from SOUTH

Adults € 60 
Children 0-12 years old € 55         


Booking Code TEN10

Additionally – we offer transport after prior consultation:

Transfer prices shown below are ONLY for South Island transfers.

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South, for example: TEN15, the booking cost will be increased by extra distance from North of the Island.

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The surcharge applies to pickup from:

– 10 € Los Abrigos on Golf de Sur

– 5 € Las Galletas on the Costa de Silencio

– 5 € Playa del Duque to Los Cristianos


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Ticket to ALOE PARK


Adults  13


Children 6-12 


Ticket price to ALOE PARK is not included in Transfer price!


Adults  13


Children 6-12


Booking Code : TEN 12


PARAGLIDING Groups up to 5 people with a very good price!

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€ 29              

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DIVING Groups up to 5 people with a very good price!

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CRUISE Groups up to 5 people with a very good price!

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€ 29                

Booking Code:TEN16 – SURFING Groups up to 5 people with a very good price!

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Price €29 (130 PLN)

Booking Code:TEN17 – VINEYARDS and WINE BARS – visiting with the possibility of tasting and buying wines!

Discover and feel the beautiful world of Carribean Wines.

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In today’s world, voluntary movement to another place to rest plays one of the important roles in our lives. Tourism is a word derived from French and means a trip. The concept spread as early as the 17th century, when angelic youth from wealthy homes went to France or Italy to study. Currently, we can see a growing fashion for spending our free time away from home. Increasing earnings allow us to travel to various, often exotic destinations. Currently, trips are no longer associated with a long rest, planned only during the vacation, which we received at work in the summer months. People travel for one or several days, especially when the weekend falls. They can travel near their place of residence, but often in times of good air connections they go abroad.

It is worth noting that tourism in many countries is a dynamically developing branch of the economy, and some have even abandoned the industry in favor of receiving tourists. We travel more often and more willingly, and new places in the era of language skills, especially English are not a challenge for us.

This means that we find a network of services on-site, which only asks to use it. Locals live from tourists, so coming to a typically tourist town we can find a lot of competition. The tourist services market is constantly developing, thanks to which we have a large selection when it comes to purchasing the service.

What I don’t like in a given offer can be presented in a very attractive way in a different way.

 Travel destinations are varied. It all depends on the preferences of each person. However, there are places that undoubtedly belong to the pearls in a sea of ​​possible destinations. Tenerife is one of these crowded and popular destinations.

It is an island that is located in the Atlantic Ocean in the Canary Islands, and administratively belongs to Spain.

It is noteworthy that, like Spain, it belongs to the European Union as an integral territory of the Community.

 Thanks to this, entering Tenerife is as easy as it is to Germany. Under current rules, nationals of the Member States not only enjoy the same rights as Spanish citizens, but also travel only with ID cards, which makes the island attractive even for a moment.

Apparently, if you believe the curiosities it is a remnant of Atlantis. Probably the first people appeared already in 200 BC. It is worth emphasizing that in 1402 the Spaniards began to explore the island. There they met a tribe that lived in Tenerife with fair complexion and hair and blue eyes. This confirms the features of the Berber people in them.

It is worth going and visiting this island and enjoying the beautiful and sunny weather. It lies not only in the Mediterranean climate zone, but also in the subtropical, semi-desert and desert, so the area is varied. This makes Tenerife also a paradise for geologists in terms of its construction. Currently, we can find very good offers, so a trip to Tenerife will be an unforgettable experience. However, what overshadows tourists is the fact how they can get to the island. “Tenerife transport” is one of the most searched phrases in the search engine. However, after analyzing the first passwords, we can see that getting to the island is very easy. After all, it’s best to get there by plane. We have two airports at our disposal that serve tourists from all over the world.  After landing, we can use the local bus or bus ride. It is worth encouraging you to use the search engine to find a convenient connection between specific attractions for us thanks to the phrase “Tenerife bus”. The island offers well-organized public transport. Tourists can travel on air-conditioned buses that connect the most important places on the island with each other. If we chose the capital of the islands, i.e. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, we can use the interesting tram line, which covers the entire city and the neighboring La Laguna. The third option is to use the ship, because the capital is the second largest port in the archipelago, from which you can sail to Los Cristianos.

When we ask what Tenerife offers transport, we will see that the scooter is the most recommended.

This small device is able to transport us to the wildest parts of the island, which an ordinary tourist will not reach. It is worth renting this vehicle, because sightseeing on your own cannot be replaced by any offer and search by the phrase “last minute Tenerife”.

It is worth checking what attractions and possibilities this beautiful place offers us.

There are so many that every traveler will find something special for themselves. In the age of the Internet and general access as European Union citizens, we can easily rent a car as a citizen of another country.

This is a good idea, especially if you familiarize yourself with the island’s communication map.

Thanks to a well-built and maintained road network, because the island’s outskirts run two highways that connect Santa Cruz with Los Realejos and the south of the island, a convenient network of local roads that climb the picturesque serpentine makes that finding interesting places to visit we find that Tenerife to Masca, and Masca is a town that lies 600 m above sea level and offers tourists not only typical Canarian buildings, but also the Masca gorge.

It has such an unusual flora and fauna that Tenerife and trips without visiting this place practically do not exist.

It is worth taking a moment for a small trekking trip around this area. Masca can be put on a par with a trip to the Teide volcano.

This is a peak that with its 3718 m a.s.l. is the highest peak in both the Spanish state and the Atlantic Ocean. If you believe the records, the name according to the Guanczów river is Piekielna Góra. There was the demon Guayota. It is worth marking this point on your map, because it is one of the active volcanoes, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, thanks to which an unforgettable experience will be to be at its foot. By car we can go there with unlimited limits, while the bus goes there once a day. For many of us, Tenerife and holidays are one of our innermost dreams come true. However, it should not be forgotten that by organizing something on our own, we are exposed to making mistakes that seemingly trivial can lead to the destruction of our holiday. However, we do not travel so that our faces do not have a smile. Taking advantage of the opportunities and offers of specialist companies, we can honestly entrust them with the organization and recommendations of what attractions Tenerife hides from incoming tourists.

Maybe it is worth asking and delving into the offers, which say that Tenerife and trips are good guided tours. It is worth starting your stay on the island with independent exploration of the area, but it will be equally satisfying to combine it with learning about local folklore. This can be provided by a local guide who will make Tenerife and attractions an unforgettable experience for us.

What makes our world stand out is that we have access to many parts of the world.Our salary allows you to explore bolder places of interest.Currently, to get away from home for a moment, all you need is Internet access, booking accommodation and flight as well as a means of transport in a given place. Human curiosity and hunger for watching the beauty of the surrounding landscape, learning about cultures and flavors of cuisine is so strong that we collect money to fulfill our travel dreams.It is worth remembering that there are companies available on the market that will allow us to visit the most important places, learn about culture, but also be able to explore the island on our own.Sometimes it is worth spending a dozen euros so that our journey of a lifetime will be remembered for a very long time.